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Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your podcast as a profitable revenue stream so you can Stand Out, Attract The Right Clients, and Make A Bigger Impact?

Join one of our Podcast Profit Playbook Coaching Groups and elevate your show from hobby to high-earning hit.

Whether you're looking to enhance listener engagement, expand your reach through exclusive syndication, or generate serious revenue, our tailored coaching programs provide all the tools and insights you need.

Dive into a world of opportunities with expert-led mastermind groups, personalized coaching, and direct access to monetization strategies that are working right now.

Podcast Profit Playbook Program Features

Mastermind Groups

  • Personalized Coaching Circles: Engage in small, weekly, focused groups of no more than 12 members, each facilitated by one of our experienced Podcast Coaches. Receive personalized attention and guidance, specifically tailored to enhance your podcast's unique needs. **Currently meeting Thursdays at 10am ET

Office Hours

  • Enhanced Support and Accountability Sessions: Attend office hours sessions to work on projects and answer questions as your grow your reach and impact. These sessions are your opportunity to overcome technical challenges while building sales funnels and refine your production process, maximizing your podcast’s effectiveness. **Included with the "Podcast Growth Accelerator" and "Podcast Profit Maximizer" plans or as an add-on feature with the "Podcast Launchpad" Package

Individual Coaching

  • Customized Development Sessions: Take advantage of addition 1 to 1 coaching that focuses on your specific needs, whether it’s enhancing content creation, boosting audience engagement, or developing monetization strategies. Opt for either two 20-minute check-ins or one detailed 45-minute session each quarter. **Included with the "Podcast Impact Accelerator" plan or as an add-on feature with other plans

Diverse Focus Areas

  • Specialized Interest Topics: Every week we focus on transforming your podcast into courses, books, securing corporate contracts, sponsorships and other ways to grow your reach and impact. These thematic topics are designed to cover every facet of podcasting, perfectly aligning with your strategic growth goals.

Guest Experts and Speakers

  • Expert Insights: Broaden your perspectives and learn cutting-edge strategies from guest experts and speakers. These experts share behind-the-scenes insights to infuse your podcasting efforts with new ideas and practices, elevating your content and presentation.

Hot Seat Opportunities

  • Immediate Feedback: Step into the hot seat to present your podcast growth ideas and/or challenges and receive immediate "focus group" feedback that is specifically designed to facilitate rapid improvements, helping you elevate your podcasting skills and impact.

Comprehensive Support and Bonuses

  • Weekly Sessions: Participate in weekly sessions, each lasting 60 minutes, designed to provide continuous support and steady progress. **Currently meeting Thursdays at 10am ET
  • Syndication Opportunities: As part of our "Influencer’s Advantage" and "Podcast Impact Accelerator" plans, get your podcast syndicated on the Influence Radio Network. This feature not only expands your listener base but also enhances your podcast’s marketability and appeal.
  • Bonuses: Enjoy a free VIP upgrade for our annual summit and access to two exclusive Podcast & Book 2-Day Workshops during your paid membership.
  • Referral Commissions: Earn a 25% commission for referrals, paid monthly, incentivizing and rewarding you for expanding our community.

Our program is designed to offer flexibility, comprehensive support, and multiple opportunities for growth and networking. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and start transforming your expertise into tangible success today!

Don't take our word for it. See what other successful podcasters are saying about working with us!

When I was asked whether I would be interested in becoming a podcast and radio host to get my message out there to entrepreneurs, I was terrified, to be totally honest, but over time, with the support and help of the team and following their formula, I really started to get the hang of it and enjoy it.

Sarita Johan

"Build Your Core" Podcast

“If you want to be a professional podcaster and get your book written, look no further than Donna and her team. They share a wealth of experience in a way that is easy to understand and use. Their enthusiasm is infectious and a joy to work with. I’ve gained so much insight that’s helping me reach more people with my message.”

Jeremy Gray

"Practical Solutions to Difficult Problems" Podcast

“I heard those magic words: "We’re here to help you succeed"... the process is straightforward and she helped us implement. Because we’ve been recording & broadcasting the Exitology Unlock Your Profits, Unlock Your Potential show, we have content for a second book. It’s for marketing and to open doors to new listeners and colleagues… as we build our national platform like never before."

Jason "Wally" Waldron

"Exitology: Unlock Your Profits, Unlock Your Potential" Podcast

Flexible Payment Options

"Podcast Growth Accelerator" Monthly Plan

Boost your podcast’s growth with the Podcast Growth Accelerator Plan. Ideal for heart-centered leaders and entrepreneurs, this monthly subscription helps you refine your podcasting efforts to align perfectly with your branding goals and audience engagement needs.

$ 599 USD /month

"Podcast Growth Accelerator" includes:

  • No binding contracts, total control over your subscription.
  • Office Hours sessions for additional support with projects and questions
  • Freedom to upscale or downscale your subscription as your podcast evolves
  • Always be in sync with the latest features and community offerings
  • Syndication on the Influence Radio Network, greatly enhancing your reach and establishing your podcast as a credible, authoritative voice in your field.


"Podcast Profit Maximizer" Plan

Expand your podcast's reach and profitability with the Podcast Profit Maximizer Plan. Designed for committed podcasters, this quarterly plan offers immediate exposure and significant impact. Perfect for leaders and entrepreneurs looking to amplify their voice and connect with their ideal audience.

$ 1450 USD /quarter

Includes everything in the "Podcast Growth Accelerator" plan plus:

  • Get the best value with maximum savings over monthly plans
  • Personalized coaching sessions for tailored podcast monetization strategies
  • Encourages a dedicated approach to content creation
  • Unrestricted access to all tools and features
  • Instant syndication on Influence Radio Network, offering a significant boost in audience and industry standing right from the start.

"Podcast Launchpad" Plan

Kickstart your podcasting journey with the Podcast Launchpad Coaching Plan. Perfect for new podcasters or those with growing audiences, this monthly plan offers the tools and flexibility needed to expand at your own pace, ideal for heart-centered leaders building their personal brand through podcasting.

$ 249 USD /month

"Podcast Launchpad" includes:

  • An affordable gateway into professional podcasting
  • Unlimited group size, ideal for networking and gaining listeners
  • Flexible addition of 1:1 sessions as needed, tailored to your schedule and goals
  • Weekly learning sessions to refine your podcasting skills
  • A low-risk investment to explore and expand your podcasting presence
  • Note: Does not include podcast syndication—perfect for those building foundational skills.

Check out this case study to see the power of this program in action!

Why Boost Your Podcast’s Reach with Exclusive Syndication?

Expand Your Audience Overnight — Leverage a one-of-a-kind syndication opportunity with the Influence Radio™ Network. Partner with us to put your podcast in front of TuneIn On Air's massive audience (along with other powerful radio directories)—syndication with Influence Radio Network gives emerging broadcasters access to the same tools and distribution used by the biggest broadcasters in the world.

Enhance Your Credibility — Being featured on a prominent radio network not only increases your reach but also significantly boosts your credibility as a podcaster. This enhanced reputation can open doors to new collaborations, sponsorships, and opportunities within the industry.

Seamless Integration — Our team handles all aspects of the syndication process, ensuring that your content is seamlessly integrated into the Influence Radio Network's programming. You continue to focus on creating great content while we work to broaden your audience.

Available with Select Plans — This exclusive feature is included in our "Influencer’s Advantage" and "Podcast Impact Accelerator" plans. Enroll in either of these plans and start experiencing the benefits of widespread distribution today!

Why Wait? — Join now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to turn your podcast into a leading voice in your niche. Let us help you grow your audience and achieve your podcasting goals faster and more efficiently than ever before!

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